How much could you save?

Below is a table of energy efficiency upgrades that are eligible for the cashback scheme and how much each is worth:

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Cashback Level
Loft insulation (incl. top up) £150
Cavity wall insulation £250
Solid wall insulation* £4000
Flat roof insulation £550
Room in roof insulation £1000
Floor insulation £550
Hot water cylinder insulation (incl. top up)** £10
Draught proofing £50
Heating controls £100
Cavity wall insulation £250
Condensing oil boiler*** £310
Upgrade boiler to condensing gas boiler £270
Loft insulation (incl. top up) £150
Flue gas heat recovery £100
New or replacement storage heaters £150
Replacement warm-air unit £320
Waste water heat recovery systems £100
Double/triple glazing (old single to A) £320
High performance replacement doors £100
Secondary glazing £500